Pollen, an initiative born within the community, launched its first concert on 26th November 2015, with the desire to complement Abu Dhabi’s commitment to music and arts. Pollen is a charitable venture, which aims to provide a platform for, and showcase the skills of, young aspiring musicians alongside professional musicians who are all residents of the UAE. Commenting on the launch of Pollen the two co-founders, Marina de Blonay and Ioannis Potamousis, said: Music is a unique language and through Pollen we aim to “spread the seeds of music”, thereby fostering a stronger culture of togetherness and support, by giving exposure to upcoming young talent which will in turn become the next generation to carry on these fine music traditions in the UAE community.” Pollen will be organising further concerts in Abu Dhabi, during 2017-2918 giving an even greater array of young UAE resident performers the opportunity to entertain and impress the many music followers in the UAE.


For more info please follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/musicalpollen/